Violinist Anna Marila and viola player Nils Biesewig know how to create a memorable concert experience for their audience. As ʻRosenduoʼ they enrich the classical music scene by putting together original programmes and combining them with innovative and partly interactive presentation formats.


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Music has the unique ability

to unite people far beyond

cultural boundaries.



Since centuries, the rose equally symbolises love and youthfulness as well as pain and death. These profound emotions unite all people and are expressed through music in an unparalleled manner.

musiker schule kinder violine viola rosenduo
School concert in the Sirkkala skola, Turku/Finnland - 700 elementary school children participated in the education project


We have been performing as a duo in the unusual but exciting violin/viola formation for four years now. As a Finnish-German group – we met in Helsinki in 2012 – we particularly cherish the music of our home countries, and have played in both Finland and Germany.


"knowledgeable and delightful presentation"


As performers, we find it most important to share our great passion for music with the audience. The presentation of our concerts has developed into a practical method for building a bridge between us and the listeners. This personal contact becomes especially stimulating in venues that have a characteristically intimate atmosphere, like chapels and smaller concert halls.

Breaking programmatic conventions, we are constantly exploring new paths and creating moments of excitement during our concerts. Dramaturgical elements, playing by heart and the involvement of our listeners render our concerts a memorable experience, let yourself be surprised!


geige bratsche dreieck steg natur blaetter gruen
© 2017 Anna Marila, Nils Biesewig

Our artistic ideals have substantially grown through our experience as members of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic under the baton of Kristjan Järvi, and the Norwegian chamber ensemble 1B1 Group. Through energetic and fervent performances, both orchestras set standards in modern orchestral playing. As an ensemble that succeeds in peacefully bringing together musicians from 10 different countries, the Baltic Sea Philharmonic additionally stands as an example for the important role that music plays in society.


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We stand at disposal for concerts, at wish with thematic concepts, e.g. ʻʻAn autumn danceʼʼ or ʻʻThe scent of musicʼʼ.


We provide suitable musical accompaniment for your wedding, celebration, store opening or reading.


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As qualified and experienced teachers we offer violin and viola lessons, as well as chamber music coaching.






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Anna Marila | Biography
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Nils Biesewig | Biography